HzLd Belt Scale Weigh Frame

‘Hz’ denotes high section modulus of our truss based weigh frame. This allows for minimal deflection and longer weigh lengths ‐ essential for superior belt scale accuracy.
‘Ld’ denotes low dust and product accumulation. Our truss and idler are carefully designed to significantly reduce or eliminate flat surfaces on which material can accumulate.


By reducing the effects of product accumulation on scale results, in service accuracy and reliability is increased.

  • Closely spaced carry rollers control belt profile and product slippage.
    (US Patent 8829364 B2, Canada Patent 2751040, Australia Patent 2010207894)
  • Stainless steel construction for long term durability in corrosive or wash down environments.
  • Non-intrusive, above stringer design does not require modifications to conveyor bracing.
  • Extremely Low horizontal surface area minimizes product buildup for exceptional zero stability.
  • Low deflection multi-idler weigh frames, typically from 4-12 idlers.
  • Integral low deflection weigh idlers.
  • Low TIR idler rolls.
  • Fully adjustable idler rolls provide precise alignment for all the rolls.Design & analysis of low deflection weigh frame idlers
  • Design & analysis of low deflection weigh frame idlers.