Prt Tachometer

conveyortach.jpgAccurate conveyor belt travel is a primary determinant of a totalized product. The reliable and accurate operation is essential for overall belt scale performance. Many belt scales utilize a pulley driven sensor/pulse generator. While these have economic merit the calibration of this tachometer depends on effective pulley diameter, so as pulley lags and/or conveyor belt wears the effective diameter changes. The result is a long term drift in scale accuracy.

Furthermore, conveyor belt speed, especially on inclined belts, varies from tail to head of the conveyor. As belt tensions increase with product loading, belt stretch (and belt speed) increase, creating non-linearity in the belt scale.

For the above reasons, TD Micronic developed the Prt Precision belt driven tachometer. The advantages of the Prt tachometer are:

  • Monitors true belt speed at weigh HzLd weigh frames for best accuracy
  • Precision laser cut fabrication provides accurately calibrated output
  • Calibration not affected by belt wear or changes in pulleys
  • Self-cleaning design provides maintenance-free long-term accuracy
  • Retrofits to existing belt scales for improved reliability and accuracy