Our focus is always to provide the best scale.

As a conveyor belt scale utilizes an existing conveyor it is imperative that the location and structure be suitable for required scale performance. It is essential that we are involved from conception through to commissioning and certification when required.

TD Micronic provides valuable insight to:

  • Selection of appropriate conveyor belt scale and location
  • Analysis of conveyor structure and suitability for required performance
  • Supervision of Scale Installation & Scale commissioning
  • Material Calibrations & Trade Certification
  • Design and supply of Calibration reference scales
  • Retrofitting & upgrading existing scales for improved reliability & performance

The same attention to detail that goes into design & supply of our belt scales is also provided by our scale technicians to ensure optimal performance is maintained. The use of modern communications allows factory expertise to be readily available for:

  • 24/7 verification of shipments
  • Scale diagnostics & performance checks
  • Site & Scale reports of performance
  • Preventative maintenance & performance checks