In 2002 TD Micronic installed and certified redundant precision conveyor belt scales. These scales were tested and certified to NTEP’s 0.25% standard.

Remote access (via cellular network) was provided so TD Micronic could verify scale operation and provide expert diagnostic support to local maintenance personnel.

The site  experiences warm summer temperatures, so the marine environment creates a naturally high corrosion zone. In addition, the product is very corrosive and conveyor equipment is subject to regular high-pressure wash down. These conditions combine to significantly accelerate the corrosion process. After several years the weigh frame was completely overrun by rust resulting in increased scale maintenance, repair, and frequent zero calibrations.

In 2015 this scale was replaced with our new stainless steel HzLd weigh frame. Being a new design the scale was submitted for NTEP approval. The new NTEP requirements now required testing at low/medium/maximum flow rates, a much more stringent test than previous nominal operating flow rate. The HzLd was 1st field tested in November 2015 with a maximum error of 0.08%. Permanence tests were repeated (with no calibration adjustments) in November of 2016 and test results indicated a maximum error of 0.05%. In spite of more stringent test requirements, these remain the best results ever documented for an NTEP certification.

The TD Micronics belt scale is now entering its 3rd year of service without any metrological changes, not even a manual zero calibration and its accuracy continues to rival the mines’ static scales.

vancouver, canada


This Canadian Port on the West Coast of BC  ships a variety of products to several locations throughout the world.

Normally draft surveys are used to determine the quantity of material shipped; this requires occasional adjustments to the belt scales typical 0.5 – 1%. Often a calibration increase was later followed by a decrease to match draft survey numbers.

In 2002 TD Micronic installed redundant trade certifiable conveyor belt scales. The scales were tested and certified to Measurement Canada standards. Remote access was provided so TD Micronic could remotely inspect scale records and verify their operation. The redundant scales provided an instant comparison and confirmation that both scales were performing to spec and left little doubt as to the quantity of product loaded. These improvements substantially reduced draft surveys, thus increasing overall port efficiency.

Regular Zero calibration checks are a part of the operational checks at this site. Occasionally dust & product accumulated on the weigh frame and requires a scale calibration which was done using remote access.

In 2015-17 some scales were replaced with our stainless steel HzLd weigh frame. The scales were certified to Measurement Canada 0.1% standard. The HzLd weigh frame is specifically designed for no product and minimal dust buildup and  reduced errors associated with shifts in zero calibration.