30 years experience
30 Years Experience
TD Micronic was founded in 1988 to service and provide superior solutions for industrial weighing.
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Eliminate and/or reduce delays required for draft surveys.
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Advanced communication provides expert factory verification of performance and operation.
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Meets the highest trade certified accuracy standard (0.1%) in the world.

Precision Conveyor Belt Scales

Our HzLd Belt scale is the result of decades of field observation, shop testing, research, innovation and development. The result is a conveyor belt scale that meets the highest Legal for Trade standard of accuracy in the world. Our HzLd / Prt / XL713n belt scale is based on decades of installing, calibrating and repairing conveyor belt scales.

The weigh frame, tachometer and integrator are innovative designs that provide superior reliability and accuracy. As of December 2017 our HzLd legal for trade scale is in its 3rd year of operation and continues to provide accurate weighing with no calibration adjustments since initial certification.

Why choose TD Micronic Precision Belt Scale?

HzLd belt scale is the result of decades of field observations, shop testing, research, innovation and product development. Every component is designed for maximum reliability and accuracy:

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Truss based HzLd weighframe provides longer weigh lengths for superior in service performance.
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Custom weigh idlers constructed of plate provides minimum horizontal surfaces for dust/product buildup thereby substantially increasing scale stability and accuracy.
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Belt driven Prt tachometer is laser cut for accuracy and not prone errors due to belt wear or product buildup.
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Advanced XL-713 integrator utilizes advanced auto calibration and diagnostics.
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Advanced data logging provides concise records of shipments and provides post verification of tonnage shipped.
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designing & manufacturing the worlds most advanced weighing systems
TD Micronic is committed to designing and manufacturing the worlds most advanced weighing systems and ensuring they perform reliably with the highest accuracy possible. We are here to assist from the design phase to commissioning and daily operation of your new scale.