XL713 Conveyor Belt Scale Integrator

TD Micronic's XL713 Conveyor Belt Scale Integrator combines modern features, high accuracy and reliability into an easy to use package. It accurately monitors belt travel and loading (HzLd weigh frame load cells) to compute tonnes/hour, meters/sec and total tonnes. Diagnostics monitor input parameters and provide failsafe "Scale OK" confirming correct operation of the conveyor belt scale.


Automatic Zero Tracking

As with any scale, accuracy is dependent on accurate zero calibrations. Our advanced zero calibration routine is initiated whenever black belt is available. The zero calibration algorithm works over multiple belt revolutions to filter out potential errors due to product trickle. When an accurate zero is obtained, it is indicated on screen and via remote output, so you can be sure the scale is calibrated and ready.

Advanced Features

The XL713 includes many advanced features, which are not available on older integrators. The front is decorated with a large color screen, a great upgrade to operators and technicians in terms of ease of use and clarity. Remote Monitoring is now available via HTTP, allowing remote monitoring of all scale systems and access to data logging. This provides convenient and cost effective 24/7 world wide support - especially important for Certified conveyor belt scales. Lastly, Ethernet IP output is available, allowing customers to replace all the functionality of analog outputs and relay contacts with a single Ethernet cable!



  • NTEP Certified Legal For Trade
  • Measurement Canada 0.1% Certified
  • 7" color touch screen touchscreen
  • Automatic Zero Calibration
  • Data logging provides post shipment verification
  • Relay and 4-20mA outputs
  • Optional Ethernet/IP output