Stacker Reclaimer and Boom Conveyor Belt Scales

A proven design for variable incline conveyors.

  • 4 load cells with stainless covers
  • 2-6 idler weighlength
  • Individually engineered and custom designed
  • Non intrusive(no conveyor modification required)
  • Accuracy up to 0.25%

The PFS4NI Conveyor Belt Scale:

TD Micronic's recommended choice for Stacker Reclaimer and other variable incline conveyors is the PFS4NI from our partners at Control Systems Technology Pty Ltd. This is a mature and proven design which offers excellent accuracy, does not use any levers, pivots or bearings, and will be custom designed to suit your application.


Non-Intrusive design means that no conveyor modifications are required to install the Conveyor Belt Scale, making it possible to retrofit a Conveyor Belt Scale to any existing conveyor. This also allows you to design new conveyors without any special considerations or requirements, simplifying conveyor designs and saving time.

PFS4NI Specifications:

Frame: Fully floating 4 point suspended weighframe.
Load Cells: 4 stainless, NTEP certified Load Cells
Typical Accuracy: 0.25% to 0.5%
Recommended Usage: Stacker Reclaimer
Idler Count: 4-6 idlers
Alignment Accuracy: +/- 0.3mm
Construction: Painted Steel
Belt Width's: 48" to 96"
Tachometry: TDM belt driven Tacho recommended.

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