HZLD-4 Precision Conveyor Belt Scale:

NTEP Certified. Measurement Canada Approved. The Worlds Most Advanced Conveyor Belt Scale.

  • NTEP Certified Legal For Trade
  • Measurement Canada 0.1% Certified
  • Closley spaced carry rollers prevent product slippage.
  • Stainless steel construction for longevity in corrosive or wash down environments.
  • Non intrusive, above stringer design.
  • Low surface area. Minimal product buildup.

The HZLD Precision Conveyor Belt Scale:

The TD Micronic HZLD Conveyor Belt Scale is the culmination of 30 years experience developing conveyor scale for demanding industrial conditions. The design is completely unlike that of other conveyor belt scales. It has been designed to eliminate common conveyor belt scale flaws, such as product slippage on inclined conveyors, zero shifts due to product accumulation, and loss of accuracy due to scale deflections.

Low Product Accumulation

A common source of conveyor belt scale error is caused by piling of material on the scale frame. Our truss and idler has been carefully designed to significantly reduce or eliminate flat surfaces on which material can accumulate. By reducing effects of product accumulation on scale results, in service accuracy and reliability is increased.

Low Deflections

Our trusses and idlers have been designed and analyzed to ensure they have extremely low deflections. Our unique suspended approach and retreat sections further minimize the effect of scale deflections on scale accuracy.


Accuracy: +/- 0.07% - 0.25% typical accuracy
Weigh Frame: Fully supported stainless steel weigh frame, 2-6 idlers
Idlers: Custom made approach/retreat and scale idlers w/adjustable profile.
Rollers: Weigh quality, low TIR stainless or UHMW rolls
Conveyor Width: 18"-102" conveyors. Up to 12000 tonnes/hr
Load Cells: 4 precision NTEP approved load cells, hermetically sealed.
Overload capacity: 200% of full scale
Calibration Checks Store in Place Stainless Steel Weights.

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