TDM PRT Precision Conveyor Belt Tachometer

The most accurate Belt Tachometer in the world.

  • +-0.1% Factory Calibration
  • Calibration will never change
  • Maintenence free design
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Non intrusive(no conveyor modification required)
  • Available for any size conveyor.

The PRT Conveyor Belt Tachometer:

TD Micronic's one of a kind Conveyor Belt Tachometer is simply the most accurate available product for measuring belt speed. It comes factory calibrated to +-0.1%, and, unlike pulley driven tacho options, this calibration will never change due to belt or pulley wear. It is a must have for any legal for trade Belt Scale. It is also an excellent upgrade for existing conveyors or for those seeking higher reliability or higher accuracy.

Maintenence Free Design

Our Tachometer is designed to be truly maintenance free. It is factory calibrated. It is not effected by side shifting of conveyor pulleys, which often destroy pulley driven prox sensors. It does not require greasing or lubrication. It is a self cleaning device, meaning material cannot accumulate on wheel, and it is made from stainless steel, for longevity even in the most corrosive environments.

TDM PRT Specifications:

Typical Accuracy +- 0.1% from factory.
Belt Width 36" to 96" Belt Width
Operating Voltage 10V-55V DC
Output 2 wire Switching output up to 300Hz
Protection IP67
Temperature Range -25 to 80 Degrees C
Construction Material Stainless Steel.

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