M-35 Microminature Process Meter

With 0.4" high LED digits and detachable screw terminals.

Model M35 low-cost digital panel meter for process signals


  • Fully scalable 3-1/2 digit process meter
  • Accepts 4-20 mA, 10-50 mA, 0-10V, 0-200V signals
  • Easy scaling via screwdriver
  • 24 x 48 mm (0.94" x 1.89") bezel
  • 10 mm (0.4") high LED digits
  • Isolated 10-30 Vdc power
  • Detachable screw terminal connectors

The M-35 Microminiature Process Meter is the solution when panel space is limited or the size and weight of the indicator must be as small as possible. The bezel measures only 24 x 48 mm (0.94" x 1.89"), yet the height of the red LED digits is a full 10 mm (0.4").

The M-35 is a fully scaleable 3 1/2 digit process meter for process signals. It is powered from 10-30 Vdc, so that it can run off batteries. Power and signal are isolated to 750 Vac to facilitate panel design, with no worries about ground loop errors. A detachable screw terminal connector provides a benefit rarely found on meters of this size.

Small size, low weight, and isolated DC power make the M-35 ideal for portable test equipment.

Electrical connections of Model M35 low-cost digital process meter
Removable screw terminal of Model M35 low-cost digital process meter

The above diagram for a typical pressure monitoring / manometer application shows how simple the M-35 is to connect. The same DC source powers the transducer and meter. Only three field wires are required.

A removable screw terminal is standard. The connector pin assignments as well as the zero and span adjustments are clearly labeled on the back of the meter.

Signal ranges 4-20 mA, 10-50 mA, 0-10V, 0-200V
Input resistance 181Ω, 68Ω, 188 kΩ, 940 kΩ
Scaling method Zero & span potentiometers
A/D conversion Dual slope integration
Accuracy ±0.2% of range
Number of digits 3-1/2
Display range ±1999
Display type Red LED
Digit height 10 mm (0.39")
Decimal point selection Plug-in jumpers behind front panel
Signal isolation 750 Vac
Power to meter 10-30 Vdc, 0.6 W
Bezel dimensions 24 x 48 mm (0.94" x 1.89"), H x W
Panel cutout 22.5 x 45 mm (0.89" x 1.77"), H x W
Depth behind panel 68 mm (2.68") including connector
Electrical connections Four screw terminals, detachable connector
Weight 60 g (2 oz)
Operating temperature -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Storage temperature -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F)
Mechanical specifications of Model M35 low-cost digital panel meter for process signals

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