TD Micronic XL-713 Belt Scale Integrator

A Modern, User Friendly Belt Scale Integrator.

  • 7" Color Touch Screen
  • Highly accurate, easy to use design
  • Compatible with nearly any existing scale
  • Automatic Zero Tracking
  • Automatic Data Logging
  • Open chassis or Nema 4 enclosures available
  • Relay and 4-20mA Outputs
  • Optional Eth/IP output

The XL-713 Belt Scale Integrator:

Our Belt Scale Integrator combines modern features, high accuracy and high reliability into an easy to use package. It continously monitors the tachometer for belt distance travelled, while weigh frame load cells provide the weight reading. The integrator processes both, and the resulting output from the scale integrator is tonnes/hr (flow rate) and total tonnes. On screen diagnostics, as well as "Scale OK" digital output confirms correct operation of scale.

Automatic Zero Tracking

As with any scale, accuracy is dependent on obtaining accurate zero calibration. Our advanced automatic zero tracking routine is initiated whenever the belt is run empty. It tests for consistancy over 1 or more belt revolutions. When accurate zero is obtained, it is indicated on screen and via digital output, so you can be sure the scale is calibrated and ready.

Advanced Features

The XL-713 includes many advanced features, which are not available on older integrators. The front is decorated by a large color screen, a great upgrade to operators and technicians in terms of ease of use and clarity. Remote Monitoring is now available via HTTP, allowing remote monitoring of all scale systems and access to data logging. Lastly, Eth/IP output is implemented, allowing customers to replace all the functionality of analog outputs and relay contacts with a single ethernet cable!

XL713 Belt Scale Integrator Specifications:

Power 120/240 VAC, 50VA
Operator Interface 7" color touch screen, 800x480
Measuring Units SI units, tonnes/hr, m/sec
Belt Speed Input 24 VDC proximity switch. Max 500Hz.
Belt Length Input 2x 24VDC proximity switches
Load Cell Input 4 350-700 ohm load cells. Max 3 mV/V
Auto Zero Tracking 0.01% of full scale
Temperature Input 4-20mA 2 wire
Optional Angle Input 4-20mA or 0-10V Incline Sensor
Digital Outputs 4x 2 Amp/250VAC SS Relay or 1 amp 10-48VDC relays
Analog Outputs Isolated 4-20mA output
Networking EtherNet/IP output and HTTP remote access
Environmental -10C to +45C, non-condensing
Dimensions Open Chassis: 320x340x160 mm HxWxD
Nema 12: 510x410x235 mm HxWxD
Nema 4: 600x380x210 mm HxWxD

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