TDM 2001 Running Line Tensiometers

Line Tension, Speed, & Payout Monitoring

  • 1% to 3% In Use Accuracy
  • One precision, stainless steel hermetically sealed load cell.
  • Up to 4 Relay outputs for warnings
  • 2 Channel 4-20 Output
  • 3.5" color touch screen
  • 12"x12"x7" Nema 4X heated stainless steel enclosure.

A Precision Line Rider:

The TDM 2001 is a line rider that allow wire rope to move through it. Line passes through the assembly and deflects the center sheave. The resulting force is proportional to line tension, and is measured by a precision, hermetically sealed load cell.

Options to suit your needs.

The TDM 2001 tensiometer is accompanied by the XL-704 display unit. The unit displays tension, line speed and payout. The XL-704 can be configured for your application with your preferred units of measurement, up to 4 relays, 2 isolated 4-20 outputs and a variety of power supply options.


Calibration Accuracy: +- 0.5%
In Use Accuracy: +- 1% to 3%
Power Input 120/240VAC 5A
Custom Available.
Relay Output: 4 Normally Open Contacts
120VAC, 5A
Custom Available
Up to 4 Relay Conditions: Tension Warn/High,
Payout Warn/High,
Speed Warn/High,
Optional 2 Channel 4-20 out: Choose 2 of: Line Speed, Payout or Tension output
Enclosure: 12"x12"x7" Nema 4X, Stainless Steel, Heated
XL-704 Display: 3.5" color TFT Display w/Touch input
Temperature: -40 to 40C Non Condensing Environment

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