TDM DGC-319-XL6 Crane Load Monitor

Safety. Accuracy. Ease of Use.

  • Monitor crane loads & container weights
  • Interlocking relay outputs for Eccentric load, Snag detection & Slack rope
  • Load cell substitution minimizes downtime in event of defective load cell
  • Color screen user interface. No trim pots!
  • 4-20 mA and relay output available
    Most existing analog based load monitors share similar shortcomings:
  • Calibration Adjustments are difficult, often using trim pots
  • User interfaces are crude or non-existent
  • Calibration and set point adjustments are a 'tweak' and repeat sequence which makes setup and calibration a tedious and often inaccurate procedure.

A Better Option

TD Micronic has 15+ years providing monitoring and safety systems for cranes. Our latest offering, the DGC-319-XL6 provides monitoring and indication of crane load and faults. It has been created to address the above issues, providing superior accuracy and ease of use. The DGC-319-XL6 supports strain gauge based load cells or the more durable TDM 4/20 mA Load Pins

The use of digital calibration & settings provides for quick and concise setup of set points. Span calibration does not interfere with zero calibration, meaning test process is quick and accurate. Zero calibration is provided by a simple pushbutton, making it possible to quickly and accurately establish the zero on your crane.

DGC-319-XL6 Specifications:

Inputs: 4 Each, 4-20mA load pins or
4 wire Strain Gauge based load cells.
Analog out: 4 isolated 4-20mA outputs, 500 ohm max load
Digital Out: 1 to 4 SPDT relays
10 A @ 250 VAC or 5 A @ 30VDC rated load
Coil endurance 20,000,000 operations min
Overload, Eccentric Load, Snag, Slack Rope
Programmable time delay for each, 0.1 - 9.9 seconds
Display: 5.7” VGA TFT
Power: 120 VAC or 24 VDC 50 VA
Environmental: -10C to +60C non-condensing

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