Direct Support Bulk Weighing Systems

Provides an accurate and consistent indication of vessel weight.

  • Vessel-to-foundation mounting.
  • Up to one million pounds per support point
  • Manufactured to meet International Building Code
  • Minimal service and preventative maintenance
  • Our recommended option for new vessel installations

The Best Choice for New Installations

When installing new vessels, your best choice for weight/level measurement is a vessel-to-foundation weigh module. They are designed to offer superior performance in a wide range of process control and vessel weighing applications including batching, blending, and bulk inventory managment

Experience to get it done.

TD Micronic offers a wealth of expertise in vessel weighing. We will offer you the optimal weigh module based on your requirements. We can offer weigh modules for almost any weight class, and many other options such as low profile, self-checking, wash-down and corrosion resistance

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