About TD Micronic Inc:

TD Micronic is committed to designing and manufacturing the worlds most advanced weighing systems and ensuring they perform, day in and day out, with the highest accuracy possible. We are here to assist from the design phase to commissioning and daily operation of your new scale. Here is a little about us:

  • 30 Years Experience in hostile environment weighing applications.
  • An Industry leader in Conveyor Belt Scale Design
  • Home of the worlds 1st 0.1% trade certified conveyor belt scale.
  • We focus on day to day in service accuracy or our products, verses controlled results of test day.
  • 24/7 on call service available

TD Micronic conveyor belt scales are completely unlike those of our competitors. They have been meticulously designed to improve day-to-day performance and provide consistent levels of accuracy.

  • Our design minimizes the effect of product spillage, resulting in a stable scale zero.
  • Reduction in areas which lumps of product can get stuck, improving accuracy.
  • Unique, highly reliable tachometery design which is not effected by belt and pulley wear.
  • Intermediate rollers on scale section, which reduce product slippage on inclined conveyors, improving accuarcy

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